Aquatic Animal Testing

The ACDP Fish Diseases Laboratory (AFDL) specialises in research and diagnosis of diseases of aquatic animals, including finfish, molluscs and crustaceans with an emphasis on exotic (foreign) and newly emerging diseases.

AFDL has seven major roles:

  • disease diagnosis and the identification of infectious agents (pathogens)
  • research on infectious diseases of aquatic animals
  • development and validation of diagnostic tests for exotic and emerging diseases
  • export certification testing and health surveillance
  • training and technology transfer
  • provision of advice to Australian State and Commonwealth Government agencies and industry.

Services Available

  • real-time PCR
  • conventional PCR and amplicon sequencing
  • whole genome sequencing
  • finfish virus isolation and identification
  • in situ hybridization and immunohistochemistry
  • confirmation of bacterial pathogen identification
  • in vivo pathogenicity trials

For information on submitting samples, please contact, Tel: +61 3 5227 5000

All samples should be accompanied by a completed Submission Form

AFDL Commercial Charges

PCR Charges

Overseas Surcharge (for quarantine clearance) $188. All prices are Ex GST.

Virus Isolation Charges

All prices are Ex GST.

As part of ACDP/AAHL, AFDL is accredited by the National Association of Testing Authorities (ISO17025).

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