Companion Animal and Equine Tests, Schedule and Price List

The following table lists routine tests offered for companion animal & equine testing. Quarantine tests are performed on a weekly schedule as shown here. Results will be available by close of business (COB) on the day listed for each test. Alterations to the schedule may occur as a result of public holidays or urgent disease exclusion testing. Planned upcoming schedule alterations can be found here. If your test result is required urgently, please contact ACDP Accessions prior to sample submission.

Please note an additional ‘Customs and Handling’ fee of $188.00 applies to overseas submissions. This fee is applied once per submission and is required to cover the cost of quarantine clearance. Payment must be made prior to the results being issued.

Please note that from time to time a test may need to be repeated to obtain a valid result. Where possible, travel dates should be arranged so as not to create deadlines too close to the expected reporting dates listed on the ACDP website.

* Where 2 prices are listed, the first price applies to the fee for the first animal tested in a submission; the second (lower) price applies to the fee charged for 2nd and subsequent animals as part of the same submission.
** The customs and handling fee applies to overseas submissions and covers additional costs such as quarantine clearance.

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